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Winlink 2000

  • For our primary message handler We use Winlink 2000 application RMS Express (with our SCS pactor modem PTC-III pro with PACTOR 3 installed and internal VHF high speed tnc card) which covers local VHF packet, HF packet, non SCS modem version of packet, and Person to person messages. Winlink will get our messages out when all local telephone and internet are down but uses the internet remotely as the link between locations. The path can be fully RF if needed.
  • Winlink is free ware except for the SCS pactor modem and software license (+/- $1400-2000)


  • FLDIGI freeware see: http://www.w1hkj.com/
  • We have MFJ 1276 TNC connected to the main digital radio for use on the local packet network and can do PTP type contacts using Fldigi and various modes of operation the software provides, CW, RTTY, PSK, MT93 and others.

VA Hospital Form HIC 213

  • We will usually send the text parts of the hospital HIC 213 form when we receive it from the EM group here, otherwise will send plain text messages. Fldigi has most of the standard Incident Command forms which cam be sent to a user with fldigi. Actually the text part is transmitted and entered into the form at the receiving end automatically. I have not seen the VA hospital form HIC 213 on that software as yet.
  • We do not have any special software other than the freeware Winlink 2000 and fldigi in use at N5VA here at the ABQ VA station. Our EM staff is minimally funded and as a result we do not have an elaborate SHARES operation. Our SHARES Radio which is a Vertex VX-1700 does not have the ALE module installed.
    • We are in the process of setting up Fldigi with the Shares radio, but are not sure of which frequencies we are able to use digital on the SHARES system. I owe a request letter to the National VA SHARES coordinator in WDC on frequencies and updated SHARES operating manual.
  • The SHARES manual has these frequencies listed and the national net control has scheduled nets. We have a problem of not having radio operators available when the SHARES VA Nets are scheduled.


MFJ 1276 TNC