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N5VA – Mission

  • Provide support for the ABQ VA hospital with radio communicating facilities and related technical support for recovering patients, local veterans, and emergency management operations.
  • N5VA station's primary goal is to provide Amateur radio facilities for use by any hospital patients and veterans to assist with their rehabilitation. The facility also provides an operating site for anyone who has an interest in amateur radio. Our secondary goal is to support the VA EM with emergency communications when needed.

N5VA History


N5VA Access Policy

N5VA Control Operator

HF radios and antennas.

Emergency operation resources:

N5VA Logging Software

N5VA Nets and Digital Operation


  • This is a wiki being prepared to help new users understand more about the N5VA amateur radio (ham) station at the Albuquerque Veterans' Administration Hospital.
    • In particular, it is aimed at new hams with a Technician Class ham license, but it also describes the general facilities that can be used by hams with more advanced licenses.

Amateur Radio Reference