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N5VA Net and Digital Operations

  • N5VA acts as net control for a wide area HF VA net "NM Veterans Service Net" at least 4 days a week and up to 5 days a week if we have the available Ham operators.
  • Current N5VA Net schedule: +/- QRM and propagation
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday currently.
    • 14,287 Mhz HF SSB USB 1100 mdt (1900 UTC). N5VA puts out a CQ to all VA stations that can hear our signal. We have contacts on this net from all over the US.
  • Thursday -
    • 7,245 Mhz HF SSB LSB 1000 mdt (1800 UTC). Generally a local net with VA El Paso, TX VA hams. N5VA calls CQ also for any stations that can hear our signal also.
  • N5VA operates a Winlink2000 (WL2K) station ( N5VA uses a local vhf packet network 145.010 Mhz RMS station pass most traffic and has the ability to pass on the HF WL2K system directly using Paclink, RMSExpress, and Airmail Pactor software. The NM Packet network has WL2K RMS sites with high speed Internet connection and direct HF to other WL2K RMS stations. The WL2K system can handle reasonable length email formatted messages with MS word or MS Excel spread sheet attachments. See site for software and setup instructions. The site lists other RMS packet and HF stations available to locations around the US that hams can use to pass traffic.