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  • Both RMS Express and Outpost are software packages capable of sending and receiving "packet" (digital) messages via radio.
    • Both require special external hardware (a Terminal Node Controller, or TNC).
    • RMS Express has more capabilities.


  • Both software packages have a lot of available documentation.
    • Take a look and decide what for yourself what to download.

Getting RMS Express

  1. Go to Winlink Global Radio Email.
  2. Click on Download the latest production release.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the single-column text, above the horizontal line and 3-column text.
  4. Download the file immediately below the bolded word Download:

Access warning

  • Secure Login Deadline Announcement
    • 18 Dec 2015 -- Last October we announced system-wide changes to enhance privacy and anti-piracy for the Winlink community. Today, we are announcing a deadline date on which the use of account passwords and secure login will become required and not optional: April 15th, 2016

Getting Outpost

  • This is a (less sophisticated) alternative to RMS Express.
    • It includes IPserial, a "dumb terminal" which is useful with RMS Express as well.
  1. Go to Outpost Packet Message Manager
  2. Click on, or scroll to Downloads.
  3. Download the latest version.


To be continued ...